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Boiler System Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

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Keeping your boiler system in top condition is essential for the safety and efficiency of your home. Whether you're a homeowner or a landlord, it's important to be aware of the maintenance and upkeep that are necessary for your boiler system. Here are the answers to some common questions about boiler system maintenance and how to keep your system running smoothly.

What Are Some Common Boiler System Problems?

One of the most common problems with boiler systems is low pressure. This usually occurs when air has entered the system, causing the pressure levels to drop. If this happens, you may need to repressurise your system using the filling loop on your boiler. You can also check for any signs of leakage around the pipes or valves that could be causing air to enter. Another common problem is corrosion or rust inside the boiler, which can cause damage over time if it is not addressed quickly.

What Is Involved in a Service?

A service should include a thorough inspection and cleaning of all components and any necessary repairs or replacements as needed. Regular servicing can help detect potential problems early so they can be fixed before they become serious issues down the line. Servicing will also ensure your boiler continues to run efficiently throughout its lifespan, saving you money on energy bills in the long run.

What Should You Look Out for When Searching for an HVAC Contractor?

When looking for an HVAC professional, it's important to research their qualifications and experience thoroughly before making a decision. Make sure they have been trained on specific brands of boilers and are familiar with all safety regulations related to installation, maintenance, repair work, etc., in addition to having updated certifications from trade associations. Also, check out customer reviews online, as these can give you an insight into their level of professionalism and customer service.


Learning about what servicing your boiler system entails—and finding a contractor who you can trust—can feel overwhelming at first, but there are plenty of resources available online that can provide helpful advice, along with experienced contractors who will take care of everything for you if necessary. With regular servicing and maintenance, you can keep your boiler running at peak performance while avoiding costly repairs down the road. So don't wait—start taking care of your heating system today. For more info about maintenance, contact a local boiler servicing contractor today.