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3 Things You Didn't Know That Could Be Affecting Your Air Conditioner's Efficiency

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Air conditioning systems are among the most sought-after appliances. Whether your home or commercial space, an air conditioning unit will help keep your interior space cooler and more comfortable during the hot months. In addition, some units have a heating mode to keep your interior spaces warm in the cold months.

However, your air conditioner will only be effective if used properly. Therefore, look out for these three notorious culprits that could be harming your unit's efficiency.

Wrong Air Conditioner Size 

Your air conditioner's size also matters. One that's too large for your space will need more power to operate. On the other hand, one that's too small will struggle to meet your air conditioning needs, meaning you will have to run it at full power over a longer period to cool your home. Therefore, pay careful attention to the air conditioner size when choosing one. Generally, the correct size depends on your air conditioning demands, which entails determining key details like your home's area, the area to be conditioned, household size, etc. However, coming up with such details can be complex and technical. Therefore, it's always best to work with an air conditioning technician to help you with the calculations.

Dirt And Clogging

Keeping your air conditioning unit clean is an excellent way to ensure it operates effectively and efficiently. Therefore, look out for debris and clogs in your AC unit. First, if you have an outdoor unit, ensure it's free of leaves, dirt and other debris. Doing this will keep the debris from entering the ducts and blocking your vents, causing the unit to work inefficiently. Blocked vents will affect your unit's performance because you need proper airflow and circulation for the unit to function at its best.

The air filters are other critical components of your air conditioning system. They trap any air-borne particles (for improved indoor air quality) and ensure they don't clog up the coils or block the blower. Therefore, cleaning your outdoor unit and forgetting the air filters won't get you the results you need. With that in mind, check and clean your air filters regularly. In addition, you will need to replace them after a certain period. The replacement frequency may vary depending on the AC model, type of filter, household size, etc. Therefore, work with an AC technician or your supplier to determine the best time to replace the air filters.

Heat-Producing Appliances

Stoves, water heaters, dryers, vacuum cleaners, TVs, etc., are some of the heat-emitting appliances that could be the reasons behind your air conditioner's inefficiency. And that's if you install them close to the thermostat. Usually, the thermostat works by detecting the heat around it. That means it may not gauge the temperature in your home correctly if you install it next to such appliances. Therefore, be careful where you install the thermostat, especially if you have heat-producing appliances because this can affect your air conditioner's overall efficiency.