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Ducted Heating Troubleshooting: Causes of Cold Spots When the Heating System Is On

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Are you experiencing some cold spots in your home when the heater is on? This could signal a problem with your ducted heating system. Ideally, a well-functioning heater should warm a house evenly during the cold season. There should be no temperature variations in heated rooms. Thus, if you notice that some spots are colder than the rest of the home, you could be dealing with the following issues.

Problems With the Ductwork

HVAC ductwork performs the role of delivering heated air to the entire house. Problems with sections of the ductwork can cause little or no airflow in the affected rooms, and this will lead to cold spots. The common issues are:

  • Leaks in the ductwork
  • Clogged ducts

Ductwork leaks happen due to poor installation and improper maintenance. Leaks prevent some rooms from receiving enough heated air. Clogs in the ducts also impede airflow, and this means that some areas will receive little warm air. As a result, they feel colder than the rest of the house. You have to fix the ductwork issues by cleaning and sealing leaks to restore system efficiency.

Incorrect Thermostat Placement

If a smart thermostat is located near the kitchen, the sensors will record the heat from the kitchen as the ambient temperature. Since the room is already warm, it won't heat other rooms, such as the living room and dining area. Avoid placing thermostats in areas that receive a lot of heat. These include areas that are in the path of direct sunlight during the day. They will alter the sensor readings and affect the indoor temperatures. 

Dirty or Clogged Air Filter

Dirt can clog your indoor air handler's filter and prevent it from supplying adequate heated air in the home. As a result, it may take a while for the entire space to warm up evenly. In addition to affecting indoor comfort, air filter clogs can also strain the heating system. The unit will struggle to push air past the blockage, and this can cause overheating of the system. Clean your filter and replace it when it wears out to boost airflow.

Varying Temperature Preferences

In some instances, the cause of cold spots in your home could be someone constantly readjusting the thermostat. If you only have one thermostat, you may experience this problem, especially if the household occupants have varying temperature preferences. This causes you to notice a drop in temperatures, and it doesn't necessarily mean there are cold spots in the home. Consider zoning your heating system to meet the needs of all the occupants.

Talk to an HVAC contractor about getting heating repairs for your heating system.