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Reach for the Sky: Are Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners Right for Your Home?

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Installing a new air conditioning system in your home is always a relatively complicated process, and deciding where your new air conditioning system will be mounted can be a challenge. It can be particularly troublesome if you live in a compact home with limited wall and floor space.

If you find yourself in this position, installing ceiling cassette air conditioners in your home can be a great way to solve the problem. These unobtrusive, self-contained systems are mounted directly to the ceilings of the rooms you wish to cool and are a great way to achieve climate control in smaller homes and apartments. However, these cassettes also have one or two drawbacks associated with their use, so make sure that they are right for your needs before you invest.

What are the advantages of choosing ceiling cassette air conditioning?

Minimal loss of space

Ceiling cassette air conditioning uses a truly tiny amount of usable space inside your home, as these slim, compact cassettes are laid flush against your ceiling. Then can built into false and drop ceilings to be even less obtrusive, creating a smooth finish practically indistinguishable from the ceiling vents used by expensive central air systems.

Unobstructed airflow

From their high and might positions above your head, ceiling cassettes have largely unobstructed air flows, delivering cool air right to where it is needed when it is needed most. This also eliminates the need to rearrange bulky furniture, such as couches and bookcases, which can badly obstruct the air flows of wall and window-mounted air conditioners.


In keeping with their subtle and unobtrusive appearances, ceiling cassettes are also quiet during operation. This makes them particularly well suited for climate control in studies and bedrooms, while preventing uncomfortable, echoing fan noises in larger rooms.

Easy to install

Ceiling cassettes are also very easy to install, and do not require you to make any structural alterations or drill large holes in your ceiling. They are mounted with simple screws and/or bolts, and can be slotted into conventional drop ceilings by simply removing a ceiling panel and replacing it with the cassette.

What about the disadvantages?

Professional installation required

Professional installation is always recommended when purchasing an new air conditioner, but it is particularly important if you opt or a ceiling cassette. Although the mountings used to hold cassettes in place are quite simple, they must be installed correctly to prevent rapid loosening. Cassettes can also be very difficult to link to a pre-existing air conditioning setup without professional knowledge and equipment.

Difficult to clean

Ceiling cassettes generally stay quite clean, since they are too high for dust and other household detritus to settle on them. However, they can be awkward to clean when they do eventually require a clean.