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Rundown of Some Common Air Conditioning Problems

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So many people spend most part of the day indoors, in their houses, office buildings or both. If the indoor space is not air-conditioned, it can be quite uncomfortable to stay in. That's why air conditioning is no longer regarded as a luxury feature of today's buildings but a necessity. If you are looking forward to installing an air conditioning system in your home or commercial building, you may first need to know the typical issues that can lead to system inefficiencies or failure. Here is a general run-through of some air conditioning problems most users experience over the service life of their equipment.

Clogged filters 

The filters found in air conditioners are designed to trap different types of air-borne contaminants, such as dust, pollen, pet fur and dander, etc. circulating inside a building. Over time, these filters will become clogged with the buildup and will need to be replaced so they can maintain good air flow within the system. By obstructing proper air flow, a clogged filter will make the system operate harder than it should, so it can provide the desired indoor temperatures. This will lead to energy wastage but also increase the potential for system breakdown. 

With a new air filter, proper air flow will be restored, making your AC equipment run energy efficiently. In addition, you can avoid the costs of frequent repairs associated with air flow issues with the system. Make sure to change dirty air filters in good time, especially during the months of the year when the equipment is busiest.

Low refrigerant level

Another problem that is very common with AC units is running low on refrigerant. This can happen because the equipment was undercharged when being installed or it developed leaks. If the equipment was simply undercharged at installation, adding more refrigerant is an effective solution. But if it leaks, simply adding more refrigerant is not an effective remedy. A qualified HVAC contractor from a company like Air Southwest will have to be called in to locate and fix any leak before the system can be charged with the right amount of refrigerant. Always keep in mind that AC units work at peak efficiency when the refrigerant charge exactly meets the manufacturer's requirement. Therefore, there's no need to overcharge your unit. 

Electric failure

AC equipment is composed of many parts that rely on electric power to operate and are therefore prone to electric failures. Electrical components, such as the electric pump,  fans and the wiring that connects the various parts, can get damaged or wear out over time. Whenever you suspect that there is an electric issue with your equipment, it is wise to ask a professional electrician to check it out.