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What You Need to Know About Operating Your Home's Air Conditioning System

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Chances are, you don't give much thought to how you operate your home's air conditioning system, that is, until you see the monthly electric bill! Your home's system might also break down and need repairs much sooner than it should, if you're not using it properly. Note a few factors to consider when it comes to how you operate your air conditioner so you know you're not overworking it and will keep it running optimally through the summer season.

1. Should you close the doors in rooms when the air conditioner is running?

Closing vents in unoccupied rooms is a good way to save on the cost of air conditioning, as the fan won't work so hard to push air into those areas when the vent is closed. However, closing doors doesn't work the same way. This can cause the air pressure in those rooms to build up so that this air pushes back into the vents. This can cause added wear and tear on the air conditioner, as the fan is now working against that air pressure to circulate cooler air. If you want an unoccupied room to stay cool, keep the door open, or close the vent instead of the door to save on the cost of running your unit.

2. Why not run the air conditioner in short bursts rather than keeping it set to auto?

When you keep your thermostat set to auto, this will cool the rooms gradually. This is actually better than blasting the air conditioner manually, in short bursts. Cycling the system on and off more often, as you may do with those short bursts, results in added wear and tear. The humidity in a room is also not removed as easily, and humidity traps heat in a space, so the air conditioner actually works harder during those short intervals. To save money and have a more comfortable atmosphere, keep the thermostat set to auto.

3. Do ceiling fans help an air conditioner?

You may be thinking that ceiling fans are not good for air conditioners as they would push heat back down from the ceiling and into a room. In truth, a ceiling fan can help to circulate the cool air that is being pushed out of the vents. This can ensure that the far corners of the room are being cooled and, in turn, the overall temperature of the rooms goes down. The air conditioner will then cycle off more readily, and you save money on its use.

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