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How to Create a Great Homework Environment for a Child with ADHD

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For most neurotypical children, homework is a boring but doable task. For children with ADHD, just sitting down in front of a book can be enough of a struggle. When you add the need to focus on work to the mix, homework can be a nightmare for children and parents alike. One of the best ways to make sure homework gets done is to create a space that's conducive to learning. Whether you're setting up a whole room dedicated to homework or you're just making a homework corner in an existing office or bedroom, try these 3 environment tips to help your child get their work done.

Add Lots of Storage

For a child with ADHD, the biggest obstacle to completing homework is distraction. Limiting anything that could draw your child's attention off their work is crucial if you want them to complete assignments quickly and correctly. For this reason, it's a good idea to add as much storage as possible in your child's immediate area. They should be able to grab a new sheet of paper, replace a pen, or read a book without getting out of their seat, wandering, and forgetting about their homework all together. Utilise desks with drawers, wall shelves, and stackable units to create a storage hub right where your child will be working. Go one step further by adding a mini fridge for easily accessible food and snacks, or a research computer with social media and game websites blocked in the browser settings. 

Buy Some Greenery

Plants aren't just a cute decoration. They can also improve your child's homework area significantly. One of the major benefits of houseplants is that they improve indoor air quality. This prevents your child from getting headaches or illnesses while they're doing their homework, which is important when they'll be spending a lot of time sitting behind a desk. In schools, studies have shown that the majority of students felt better, more focused, calmer, and less stressed when they had plants in the classroom. 

Get Air Conditioning

In most parts of Australia, heat is unavoidable, but that doesn't mean it's not problematic. Studies have shown that in warm temperatures, the body's temperature regulation uses up more glucose, which is also needed for cognitive functioning. If your child is too hot, they'll find it a lot more difficult to get on with their homework. To combat this, it's a good idea to install an air conditioning unit in your child's homework space. This will keep them cool and allow their body to direct all its attention to the task at hand. Today, there are many modern AC units that run very quietly, so you won't have to worry about the noise distracting your child. They're also a great complement to plants when it comes to improving air quality and wellbeing, filtering harmful pollutants from the air.