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Signs That Your Refrigerator Needs Servicing

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In order for your refrigerator to serve you efficiently, all its components must work properly. If one are all of these components break down, you need to repair the refrigerator for it to work properly.  There are several signs that indicate your fridge needs servicing.

High Temperatures

Although a refrigerator produces heat like any other machine, it is a bad sign if the refrigerator gets too hot.  Too much heat is indicative of problems with the condenser. If you neglect the condenser by avoiding cleaning the coils, your fridge might end up getting too hot.

When your fridge is too warm, it means proper storage is not given to your food. As a result, your food is spoilt fast. A fridge with such a problem will also take long to cool your drinks. If you had not noticed the temperature changes, the food getting bad at a high rate should alert you that there is a breakdown with your fridge.

Strange Noise

Strange noise in a refrigerator can be caused by various factors. The working of the compressor is supposed to make it produce some sound, but not too loud. Loud sound means the compressor is failing. In addition, there are possibilities that the fans are spinning at an uneven angle. These components need to be checked for your refrigerator to function properly.

Another problem you might notice with the compressor is that the motor does not shut off. This problem is an indication of a faulty thermostat or defective compressor.

High Energy Bill

If you notice sudden increases in your energy expenditure, you need to check your fridge. The sudden increase might be an indication that your refrigerator is working harder than it is required to maintain temperature. Such increases are especially alarming if noticed during cool weather conditions. In order to monitor the energy used by your refrigerator, it is advisable that you buy one that has energy adviser – to track energy usage of the refrigerator over time.


 A fridge is a machine. Machines are prone to wear and tear. If your fridge has served you for a considerable number of years, say 10 years, it becomes susceptible to breakdowns. If you notice faulty parts or the refrigerator not working properly, blame it on the age.  Some of the components might be too old that they need to be replaced.  You should first have the refrigerator inspected by a professional to identify the parts that may need replacement.