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Benefits of Split Air Conditioning Systems

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During extreme weather conditions such as winter and summer, a good air conditioning system can come in handy in making your home or office comfortable. A split air conditioner can give you the comfort you need. The split system has two units — the indoor unit or cool side usually located inside your home and the outdoor or condensing unit usually located outside your home. The outdoor unit houses the expansion coil, condenser coil and the compressor. The indoor unit has an air filter, a long blower and cooling coil. There are several reasons that make the split system outstanding.


Very few modifications are needed for your home when you plan to install split system air conditioning. The lack of ductwork means that you save on money that would otherwise have been spent on labour costs.

Ductless systems use less power, further enhancing your ability to save on energy costs.

Near-Silent Operation

If you want an air conditioner that does not make much noise, the spilt system should be your choice. The low level of noise made by split systems make them suitable for your home office or for use in libraries.


Compared to window air conditioners, you can install the split system anywhere in your home or office. You do not need to cut large holes on your wall — you only need holes small enough for the copper tubes and wiring. In addition, you can opt to have multi-split system, making it easy for to cool multiple rooms.


You will lower your carbon footprint if you choose to use the split air conditioning system. Any ductless system is more energy efficient, ultimately reducing your total carbon output. In addition, ductless air conditioning systems use a distinctive form of refrigerant that's known for having zero ozone depletion potential. As such, your split system will have very low negative impact on the environment for the years you'll use it.

Simple Maintenance

You can easily do maintenance on a split system by yourself. The filters in the unit can easily be removed, making it easy for you to clean the indoor component. Instead of buying new filters every other time, you can use the filters that you clean.

Invisible Compressors

Compared to a traditional air conditioning unit that needs to be near your home for it to function properly, the split system gives you the freedom to put the outdoor compressor anywhere you want.