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Features to Consider When Buying a Commercial Refrigeration Unit

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Commercial refrigerators are a significant financial investment. Therefore, if you are purchasing one for your retail business, you need to ensure that you are going to get all the features that are going to enhance the profitability of your food business. However, some people may not know what to look for and simply assume that the more expensive the product, the better it would be for their business The reality is that investing in something that is expensive yet not functional for your needs will simply lead to a decline in your bottom line. Below are some of the features that you should consider when looking to buy a commercial refrigerator.

The size and design

The first thing to consider when you are buying a commercial fridge is how its overall design is going to integrate with your retail space. Your refrigeration's system should not simply be a cold box. It should be able to stimulate purchase from your customers by being visually appealing. One of the things that you should consider would be glass doors for your fridge that are energy-efficient. 

The glass enables your customers to see what is available without having to open the fridge. Whereas, the energy efficiency of the glass ensures that your fridge is not losing cold. Secondly, you should ensure that the fridge is strategically placed in high traffic areas without it impeding on your overall movement around your retail space.

The technology used by the commercial refrigerator

Refrigeration has come a long way in years past. Advancements in technology have not made them smart devices that could help you in managing your retail business. One technological feature that you should consider is data collection by the fridge. This gives the unit the capability to keep track of the items contained inside, which in turn enables you to immediately know your inventory and what stock needs to replenish. Other technological features to consider would be digital temperature control to ensure optimum temperatures. You may also want to have a spoilage sensor, which would indicate to you when food items need to be disposed of in good time.

Energy efficiency

Another feature to keep in mind when shopping for a commercial refrigerator would be the energy efficiency of the unit. You should consider if it was manufactured from eco-friendly materials, as this will mean less impact on the environment. In addition, it should have inbuilt energy management features that would ensure that the unit will not be expending more energy than it needs to be.

For more information on your commercial refrigeration options, contact your local HVAC professionals today.